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Section 1 : IT Committee Administrative policies

IT Committee must consist of a minimum of two members in good standing.

Admin credentials/access for branch-wide technology resources must be held by two or more IT Committee members at all times. Credentials must be kept secure and private.

Members of the IT Committee may be recalled by a majority vote of the GMB.

Section 2 : Policies for all communications platforms

Only members in good standing shall be eligible for access to communications platforms (with exceptions for Discord as laid out in the Discord section)

Member access shall be deactivated when they fall into bad standing (includes the 2-month grace period as per our bylaws) or when they violate the policies laid out here.

Users are to keep their login credentials secure.

Users are prohibited from sharing screenshots or other documentation of communications outside of (1) Baltimore GMB membership, (2) for the purposes of filing an official charge/complaint as laid out in the IWW Constitution, or (3) to be submitted to the IT Committee as evidence of violation of IWW policies.

Code names must be used in discussions of non-public campaigns. If unsure whether a campaign is public, assume it is not.

Devices including but not limited to phones, laptops, and desktop computers used to access Discord and Baltimore GMB file storage must be password protected. Device encryption is encouraged. Members should endeavor to protect devices from physical attacks/seizure.

It should be assumed that all data and communications that take place over Baltimore GMB platforms are not private.

Discussion of any illegal activities on Union communications platforms is prohibited and will be removed.

Communications platforms are subject to the Baltimore GMB’s Safer Spaces policy as outlined in Article IX of the bylaws as of December 2018.

The membership is obligated to report violations of the above policies to the IT Committee. The IT Committee will temporarily suspend accounts it finds to be in violation until the adjournment of the next GMB business meeting, during which the IT Committee shall report on the matter, leaving further actions to be taken at the discretion of the GMB.

Section 3 : Email

Announcements and communications that should be accessible to all members of the GMB shall be sent to the general membership listserv. Discord, texts, or other (non-email) platforms are not sufficient for communications intended for the entire membership. Other listservs may be created for internal or external communications at the discretion of relevant committees and campaigns. Requests for the creation of additional listservs should be submitted to the IT committee. Creation of these listservs should be announced to the GMB.

The main Baltimore IWW email account should be monitored only by the Communications Officer, the Branch Secretary, and others delegated at the discretion of the GMB, all of whom shall possess the credentials for that account. Email aliases on the Baltimore GMB domain (i.e., shall be available to all official committees and shall be created by the IT Committee on request.

Section 4 : Discord

The Discord instant messaging platform is intended to serve as a coordination and planning medium for IWW activities. Announcements, meeting minutes, or other information intended for the membership of the Baltimore GMB in general shall be communicated using the branch email list. It should be assumed that any communications that take place on Discord are not private.

Access to the branch Discord server shall be granted to members once their good standing is verified by the Branch Secretary. Access may be revoked for being in inactive standing.

Moderation shall be provided by branch officers and shall conform to the policies of the GMB. “User Roles” shall be used to control access to privileged information (e.g., branch officer business, non-public organizing campaigns, etc.).



In accordance with the Baltimore GMB’s bylaws, the Communications Officer is responsible for outreach through branch social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), responding to & triaging inbound communications to the appropriate owner, coordinating public education events in partnership with other members and officers, and assisting with website content management. Mandated to post on and moderate branch digital outlets at their discretion with the interests of the branch in mind, designating as official only those statements approved at a GMB business meeting by majority vote.

To expand on this statement and to maintain transparency, consistency and accountability in all branch communications, the Baltimore IWW hereby adopts the following Digital Communications policy, which may be amended or repealed by a majority vote at any official GMB meeting.

Digital communications are a tool for organizing and inspiring will to organized. All communications will strive to benefit the organizing work of the branch, and be reflective of that work.

Article 1: Digital Communications Platforms

The branch currently maintains the following online communications accounts (not counting internal GoogleDocs folders/files, PayPal and other administrative or financial accounts that are not under the purview of the Communications Officer):

  1. email listserv for branch members

  2. email address and associated Google+ account

  3. Baltimore GMB official webpage & blog:

  4. Facebook page:

  5. Twitter page: (@baltimoreIWW)

  6. Instagram page: @baltimoreiww

The Communications Officer shall hold credentials for all of the above platforms with at least one IT Committee member holding credentials for redundancy.

Article 2: Digital Communications Content and Topics

2.1 Audience:

The Baltimore IWW seeks to build working class unity and power through workplace organizing in Baltimore region. All communications shall be written and published with this intent.

2.2 Tone and Voice:

All communications must be accessible by a broad range of the working class in the Baltimore region. Additionally, communications should have the following characteristics:

  • Professional – In an accessible and direct way, communicate in an organized, mature, knowledgeable, and serious way

  • Approachable – Friendly, welcoming, and inclusive language

  • Optimistic – Inspire optimism and confidence in workers

2.3 Vision:

Communications are successful when they support the following statements:

IWW has a reputation for organizing workplaces in Baltimore, not as a leftist organization.
Any worker having trouble at work in the city should consider IWW their first stop.
IWW supports successful organizing in my industry.
The IWW wins and takes on fights other unions won’t.
IWW’s membership represents the working class in Baltimore.

2.4 Goals:

Support the goals of the campaigns committee in organizing lead generation and working class representaiton.

Agitate/Educate the working class to inspire will and confidence to organize work places in Baltimore.

Build trust among the working class in Baltimore that IWW is part of the working class community and has the capability to help workers win.

Raise awareness of labor struggles.

Generate inbound inquiries related to workplace struggles, leading to active organizing campaigns.

2.5 Topics:

Do share (80% of communications):

  • Branch events and action alerts

  • Branch news/publicity

  • In order of priority: Baltimore, regional, national, and potentially global labor news and history

  • Local labor events

  • Public education materials – educational graphics, links, anecdotes that help raise public awareness of labor struggles and foster confidence in organizing among the working class in Baltimore

Share with discretion (20% of communications):

  • Solidarity with supportive organizations and community partners

  • Primary stakeholders/constituents of the organizations should be the working class of Baltimore

  • Ideally, the working class will have direct benefit from the work being shared

  • Sharing content of other organization should support other relationship building activities, for the benefit of workers in Baltimore

  • Work from other IWW branches and committees, especially if content can inspires optimism in workplace organizing in target industries (success stories, wins, what the IWW can help with)

Do not share:

  • Confidential or private information

  • Political issues (including material directly supporting candidates, parties, or a particular political theory or ideology), unless particularly relevant to labor struggles the branch is engaged in

  • Memes, graphics, or content that can be perceived as edgy or antagonistic

  • Sexual or violent content of any nature

2.5 Engaging on Social Media

All engagement and moderation on social media will align with the parameters in sections 2.2 and 2.3. No engaging in debates or with trolls.


The Campaigns Committee of the Baltimore Branch of the IWW is being formed in order to further the mission of the IWW: to organize the working class for power and solidarity. We acknowledge that the pervasive myth of White supremacy has been a major factor in eroding solidarity and allowing the employing classes to more effectively divide and conquer. The IWW has historically suffered from, as well as reproduced these problems in it’s own organization both locally and internationally. We aspire to racial and cultural humility, commit to continuing to learn about racial justice and hope to make this committee a welcoming space for all!

  1. The committee shall identify and recruit possible campaign contacts with the intention of prioritizing workers of color.

  2. The committee will be intentional about recruiting and nurturing a cadre of organizers who are representative of the working class in Baltimore.

  3. The committee will deliberately pair organizers with organizing leads.

  4. The committee should meet at least once per month. Meetings must be accessible via teleconference for members who cannot attend in person. Minutes will be kept.

  5. The committee will track the status of the GMB’s campaigns.

  6. Quorum for the committee is a majority of the elected voting members. If the number of elected members is an even number, then quorum is half of the voting members plus one.

  7. The committee must report monthly to the GMB. The reports shall include summaries of each campaign and requests made by campaigns for support and information.